Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiscal Fitness

     Many people have speculated that maybe Jack Gordon took a powder, dropped everything and set out on an adventure. Maybe he ran off with another woman. Maybe he went back to one of his former wives. Maybe he just chucked it all. I think with older adolescent and young adult missing persons the desire to leave their "miserable" life behind and start anew with nothing but a few pennies in their pocket and a bus ticket to the "big city" may be a reason for going missing.  Many of these younger individuals are pursuing a "dream". They could perhaps more properly be considered "runaways" rather than missing.  Although the anguish for their families is real and the risk to a vulnerable youth out there in the world is not negligible, that scenario really doesn't apply in Jack's situation.  For an older individual with less physical vigor, a certain fiscal vigor is needed to carry out that type of conscious choice.

     Jack Gordon's only means of support at the time he went missing was a modest Social Security monthly payment. He did not earn a regular income from employment or private pension.  Although he owned the land at the building site he was not flush with cash. He obtained building materials in a variety of ways other than buying retail. He did not have any significant savings. His Social Security checks were not redirected somewhere else after he disappeared. He quite simply did not have the monetary resources or the fortitude needed to start life over at age 77.

And rumor has it that none of his ex-wives would have him back even if he tried!


  1. Dean0- I found a crate in the garage with some extras you can use- here ya go:
    Darn, how did that ampersand get in there?

  2. Thank you, I got a disk from Microsoft today full of commas. They had an ampersand in there too. Something must be up with ampersands. The disk comes with a few other little used punctuation marks.


  3. I actually found a big pile of commas behind my desk. I think Dell computers leak out the back. Ever since my second cousin's intestinal surgery he has had a semi-colon.