Sunday, June 24, 2012

Introducing Jack's Neighbor John

   According to the Costilla County Sheriff's office, Jack's neighbor identified in the original incident report as John, was living under the name of John Busby.  That turns out not to be his real name. The sheriff has identified him as John Robert Fureigh, born 3/03/1967.

Here's what he looked like in 1993, in Florida.
And here's what he looked like circa 1999, in Colorado.
And he made #60 on a certain Colorado top 100 list.

Fureigh relocated to the San Luis Valley sometime around 2006 and began building a house on a five-acre property owned by his mother on Luke Road in the Forbes Sangre de Cristo Ranches, roughly 3/4 of a mile from Jack Gordon's homesite.  Fureigh was never interviewed by the authorities following Jack's disappearance.  He currently has multiple outstanding felony warrants from various jurisdictions. For all I know, he saw the hubbub of Sheriff's Department vehicles along Luke Road that day in 2008 and left the area in order to avoid being apprehended on a prior warrant.

   I am interested to know if Fureigh, being a close neighbor, has any first-hand information about the events of October 2, 2008.  Did he see Jack Gordon along Luke Road that morning? Did he have a conversation or argument with Jack? Can he comment on Jack's state of mind? Did he see anybody else with Jack? Does he know what happened to Jack that day? Does he have any idea where Jack's body might be?  Did he hear gunshots?  Would he be willing to talk to the sheriff by phone?  Would he be willing to provide information that might clear him of any possible suspicion in this matter, allowing the sheriff to focus on more likely suspects? Unless he comes forward, these questions will remain unanswered.

Interestingly enough, Big Bear was not the only neighbor of Jack's on Luke Road who kept a blog.  The neighbor Fureigh also was a blogger of sorts. More about that in a future post.

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