Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The neighbor's blog

I have been trying to maintain a sense of the chronologic order in which the case unfolded for us.  Now would be a good time to introduce another one of Jack's neighbors. A self-described corporate drop-out, this young single intelligent guy blogged under the handle of 'Big Bear'.  His blog describes his experiences during the construction of an off-grid cabin in the San Luis Valley.  His cabin is about a quarter of a mile from Jack's (see map here). The name of his blog is the Bear Ridge Project.  At the end of October, 2008 Big Bear posted his version of Jack's disappearance titled "Strange Events". (I recommend you check out his blog, particularly that post.  It is a little long, but makes an interesting read. He has also written a book about off grid living and if you are interested in that topic give it a look.)
 No, I am not going to be speaking about alien abductions. Yes, there were unexplained disappearances and mysterious lights in the sky but it was most certainly not an alien abduction. Indeed, the San Luis Valley does have a problem with missing persons, secret bases, unworldly creatures and strange flying craft but this is not about alien abductions. That being said...

     Big Bear has since moved away from Luke Road and relocated to another state.


  1. Was the camera ever delivered? If so who picked it up?

    1. That may just be a thing to find out. But who knows at this late date if the records would be available.

    2. Dean0, that is a good thought. We know the camera was expected to be delivered but hadn't arrived. As it turns out, the neighbor John also was keeping a blog, which is where we gathered that info. . I could give a link to that, but it is now a dead end- the blog has been taken down from public viewing by the author. But can you ever completely delete information you post to the intertubes? More to come...

  2. Just to make sure we keep the player's names straight I presume you picked up on the fact that Big Bear referred to Jack as "Hank" and John as "Bob"- not their real names, obviously.