Friday, June 22, 2012

Other Costilla County missing persons

   A year and a half before Jack Gordon went missing (February 2007), another Costilla County man disappeared, under suspicious circumstances. A young man in his late 20's, Casey Berry was living in the sagebrush flatlands of the southeastern San Luis Valley near the town of San Luis (South of Fort Garland, roughly 15 miles from Jack Gordon's place) with a roommate named Duane Kulakofsky.  His disappearance didn't even make the local papers at the time. The story was picked up in 2010 by the Denver Post.  I'll let the Post's Kirk Mitchell give you the details on the Cold Case Blog, here.
Berry went to Bob’s house to retrieve some of Kulakofsky’s possessions. When he didn’t return when he was supposed to, Kulakofsky went to the house.
Bob is described as a native American who looks like Colonel Sanders. (don't they all?) 
In three years, deputies in tiny Costilla County have not been able to locate Bob or Berry’s remains.
   The San Luis Valley is sometimes referred to as the 'valley of the cousins' and in Costilla County everybody knows everybody.  An "edgy and violent" Native American who looks like Colonel Sanders should be readily identifiable. Is it possible that 'Bob' doesn't even exist?  Is it possible that the description of 'Bob' was intentionally misleading? Is it also possible that there could be a connection between the Casey Berry case and the Jack Gordon case?

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  1. This is Casey's sister, I appreciate you mentioning him and helping to keep this investigation alive. To any one out there who may know something...please know that we will never give up, and are still searching for him. Any information is appreciated.

    1. I just now saw your comment. I am sorry for your loss. If I come across any new information about Casey I will post it here. If you would like to contact me by e-mail, the address is listed under the Contact Info tab at the top of this page. I do have a little more information that I did not include in the post about Casey. Feel free to contact me if you would like. Otherwise, good luck and come back whenever you feel like it.

    2. seamus...Ive been trying to chase down duane kulokofsky the guy suspected in caseys disappearance ...please get in touch with me so we can co-ordinate our knew Casey as well as duane and I personally believe duane has something to do with it ...Ive been in touch with CBI on this case ...

  2. I would like to know how everyone over my now 7 year search for my daughter sky who was the child that caseys wife had when they met before Isabella was born this group of what seem to be an amazing bunch of family and friends that I have repeatedly pleaded my story too cannot and will not give me any information on the location of my daughter. I am a loving father who wants nothing more that to be a father to my beautiful daughter the father that she needs and the father that needs her and always has. The sisters she doesn't know she has the other huge loving family that is also missing our beloved daughter sister cousin grandchild niece etc...please I plead again with you all. And reitterate I wish no ill will no court no drama no removal or attempt to do so will come we just need her to be part of our lives and me her father who understands all of your pain exactly of a missing child sister brother mother. Please contact me with any info and is her mother ok safe protected from whatever really happened. I did Mary her she is the mother of my child and someone I will always have love for. Please I plead with you

    Kenneth Hillway.
    660 525 5438

    And best of luck to all of you in your search for Casey I have also looked for him through the rainbow family friends I have through trips and research unfortunately to no avail but I will not give up ever. Thank you