Sunday, July 22, 2012


   In the aftermath of the movie theater shootings in Aurora this past week Governor John Hickenlooper attempted to reassure the public at a press conference, saying,
"This is the act apparently of a very deranged mind. This is a safe city, a safe state, and a safe country. We have to recognize that we can't allow people that are aberrations of nature to take away the joys and freedoms that we enjoy."

   As anyone who has experienced a violent crime can attest, it was safe right up until it no longer was safe.  The cinema in question had a "No Guns Allowed" policy. In Colorado this does not mean it is illegal to carry a firearm into the theater. It does mean...

that if the management determines that you are carrying a firearm and asks you to leave that you can be charged with trespassing if you refuse.   Most concealed carry permit-holders would opt to either go elsewhere, or voluntarily leave their firearm in the vehicle. Either way this creates a 'gun-free' zone where citizens do not have an opportunity to defend themselves.

   Although first responders were on the scene within a couple of minutes of the first 911 calls, the shooter had already killed 12 and wounded over 50 people. The police are not in a position to "protect" you from a determined assailant. Governor Hickenlooper's assurances notwithstanding, no amount of government reassurance will provide you with physical security in a world that has been proven to be filled with dangers.  Situational awareness, risk assessment, training, rehearsal and willingness to defend yourself are more likely to provide protection than the authorities.

   Jack Gordon and thousands of other victims of violent crime in Colorado might respectfully disagree with the governor.  Four years ago somebody who is an 'aberration of nature' took away the joys and freedom that Jack once enjoyed (to paraphrase the governor).  I never knew Jack Gordon to carry a gun for personal defense.  I don't think he even owned one.  Perhaps he should have. Lesson learned.


  1. Refresh my memory, was there a grip panel from a revolver found along the trail that Jack may have taken?

  2. Seamus Muldoon7/22/12, 8:52 PM

    That was the other missing guy- Mike Rust up near Saguache. I think they determined it was Rust's weapon- possibly stolen in the original burglary and somehow dropped when he took off after the guys. No guns found at Jack's site.

  3. I am easily confused. Sorry.