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This week we are going to get to know the neighbor John a little better. According to the 2010 Denver Post article, The Mystery of Two Men's Disappearance on the Same Day, John Robert Fureigh was living in the Fort Garland area under the assumed name of John Busby, taking the last name of his mother's current husband.

Fureigh, using an alias, wrote a blog in which he often groused about trespassing neighbors disrupting his solitude, including an entry four days before Gordon's disappearance in which he complained that a neighbor woke him in the afternoon to ask for water after his well went down.

We'll get to that particular entry at a later date. Busby groused about a lot of things on his blog, entitled Alpine Acres. Let's go back in time a little and work our way up to the days surrounding Jack Gordon's disappearance. I will give you some sample excerpts over the next few posts, and let you draw your own conclusions.

(NOTE: The last post on the Alpine Acres blog site was dated October 1, 2008. Jack Gordon disappeared on October 2, 2008. If you tried the above link you got an error message, because a few weeks later the blog was removed from public view. Before that happened we obtained some copies.)

Here's a sample

          A Sunny and WARM Day
          Friday, January 11, 2008
Alpine Acres hit a very comfortable and welcomed 35 degrees today! Of course it wasn’t enough to melt away all the snow but it was nice being outside and not having 3 different layers of clothes on!
As many of you know, I have not had the time to go out and get my own firewood last year. (2007) I’ve been buying my firewood from [redacted] and he’s been very good to have it here when it was needed the most.
I just asked someone for their permission to cut up the deadfall on their property in town and got the “Go ahead, PLEASE!” so I’ll have enough firewood to carry me through the remainder of this winter so I’m hooking my trailer to the truck soon and getting busy!
There are too many people out here who will trespass on someone else’s property and cut down trees, living and dead, for firewood and I refuse to allow myself to be one of them.

And then there was this one:

          Bucking Fullshyt
          Saturday, January 12, 2008
I've heard it was coming but I didn't think it'd pass... I refuse to ever comply! We are NOT peasants and this isn't old time England where a king or queen owns or has the right to monitor our lives and yet they've been doing it for years but this is too much. My animals, like myself, came into this world without electronic devices implanted and as long as I live, my animals, nor I will have that crap! It's a damn lucky thing for chimpy that his goons made and passed the Patriot Act because Wow, I could say a LOT! But our government wants us to be quiet and behave like sheep. Speaking is not an act of aggression, it's rather a method to remember why it is I choose to be in the middle of nowhere and do my own thing without bringing harm to myself, others or the environment. It's a crying shame Ron Paul won't make it to be our next President! I also do not believe our Presidents are elected, I believe they are pre-selected and voting is a myth. It's already been proven, in court, (google it) that the electronic voting machines have been tampered with and can flip the numbers to whom (whoever controls them) wants to win the elections.

He continues in this vein for several paragraphs, including a Ron Paul endorsement, then ends with:

USDA plans to use our private associations to force livestock, poultry, and horse owners to register their property and tag their animals under a government program, despite the continued protests of animal owners across the country.
Damn I'm pissed!

(You've got to just love the dichotomy in the sign-off!)
I'll add more excerpts from the blog over the coming days. Like I said- you can draw your own conclusions.

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