Monday, July 2, 2012

Of aliens, radioactive boots and abduction

The San Luis Valley and UFO's have been linked for decades. The first and possibly most famous incident involved Snippy the horse (sometimes referred to as "Skippy") in 1967.  Here's a nice summary of the case.  It seems Snippy was found dead and strangely mutilated with absolutely no blood remaining in the body or nearby. Investigation revealed some other strange things:
The horse's owner, Nellie Lewis, accompanied by Harry King, visited the spot where Snippy had been found. She reported finding a flattened bush and what seemed to be exhaust marks. She also said she smelled a strange, sweet odor, "like incense." She picked up a piece of the horse's mane and felt it burn her hands. Later she reported her boots were found to be radioactive. She remained convinced that extraterrestrials had done this to her horse.
Some however, remained skeptical, including Dr. Robert Adams, a pathologist and member of the University of Colorado's Condon Commission on UFO's, who performed an autopsy on Snippy and reached a different conclusion.
“I know it's going to pop the bubble, but the horse was not killed by a flying saucer.” Dr. Adams said his findings at this point are speculative, but there was some evidence that severe infection had been present in the right flank area.

Since the incident of Snippy the horse, UFO sightings have been commonplace throughout the eastern end of the San Luis Valley from San Luis in the south to Poncha Pass in the north. There is a UFO observation deck (public access for a fee, complete with geodesic dome and gift shop) north of the small town of Hooper, and only a short distance from the Great Sand Dunes (Short video highlighting the UFO observation deck).

Animal mutilations under strange circumstances have also continued sporadically.  More recently, in November 2009, several calves were found dead and mutilated in Costilla County. The Pueblo Chieftain reported on the incident:
Rancher Manuel Sanchez has had four calves mutilated over a three-week span in a pasture he leases near Los Vallejos, just southeast of here, with the most recent victim coming on Nov. 16.  In each case, Sanchez found his calves with skin peeled back and organs cleaned out from the rib cage.
 The local sheriff's office investigated:
Sgt. James Chavez, who serves as the public information officer for the Costilla County Sheriff's Office, said a deputy and an undersheriff went to the pasture to investigate one of the killings.  Chavez said the investigation revealed no indications of a predator attack and the lack of blood at the site made it highly unlikely that a person butchered it.  "I've butchered a cow before and I know what kind of a mess it leaves," he said.
Now, the reason that I mention these incidents is that during the course of the initial search for Jack Gordon, a bystander mentioned in all seriousness the possibility of an alien abduction. And, as if it wasn't surreal enough, the investigating officer for the cattle mutilations (Sgt. James Chavez) was the same as for the Jack Gordon case. Go figure...

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