Sunday, July 15, 2012


One of the theories put forward by the "The-Neighbor-Had-Nothing-To-Do-With-It" camp was that perhaps Jack Gordon was eaten by a wild animal.  In this part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains there are only two possible candidates for this theory; mountain lions and black bears.  That is, unless you consider the alligators....
     West of the Great Sand Dunes and south of the Alien Observation Deck is an odd little tourist attraction. Sure, the annual rainfall in the Alamosa area is 7.6 inches (source). Sure there are on average 227 days with minimum temperature below freezing. Sure the altitude is over 7,000 feet above sea level. Nonetheless, there are alligators in the area.
     I think maybe the Colorado Gators Reptile Park primarily draws tourists who are bored by all the sand at Great Sand Dunes, but it seems to be a popular attraction. They recently celebrated "Egg Fest 2012".   

"Hopefully we will have alligator eggs to collect.  It's exciting to watch the "momma gators" defend their nest as the employees collect the eggs."
     I'll bet it is!  Bring the kids!!  It'll be like the annual Easter Egg Roll in the Rose Garden, only with alligators!  What could possibly go wrong?  While there you can take an alligator wrestling class, meet the albino gator Mr. Bo Mangles or shop in the gift shop.
     So yeah, I suppose it is plausible that an alligator escaped the confines of the Gator Farm, made its way in sub-freezing weather along the creeks and tributaries of the Rio Grande to Mountain Home Reservoir (probably 75 miles 'as the alligator swims'), then crawled three miles overland through the sagebrush to eat Jack Gordon.  That's an alligator with true hardy pioneer spirit.  It only seems ridiculous.


  1. It probably then crawled and swam back to it home territory. The fact that it was not hungry for the next few weeks was a fact lost on the guardians at the "alligator ranch"

    1. Heh- Jack was about 6'2" 240 lbs, that gator would have looked like a python that swallowed a wart hog!