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     A week before the Fourth of July in 2007, Paige Birgfeld, a 34-year-old mother of three was reported missing from Grand Junction, CO.  The story garnered local and regional headlines throughout that summer and early fall.  Early evidence pointed toward possible fould play.  Her car was found torched in a local parking lot.  As reported in the Denver Post (Read more: Woman's disappearance baffles family, police) in 2007:

Sunday night, her red Ford Focus was found burning in an empty parking lot about 3 miles from her house.

Frank Birgfeld, who lives in Centennial, said the fire appeared to have been started inside the car, as if to destroy evidence.

"I can tell you that (police) never considered this a missing persons matter," Birgfeld said. "They were actively investigating this as much more."

Within a week, as the investigation unfolded it became evident that Ms. Birgfeld was not just a suburban "soccer mom". Again in the Denver Post (Read more: Secret life surprises kin, pals of missing woman) it was reported:  
Birgfeld's involvement with the escort service was a surprise to friends and family last week.

The list of possible suspects expanded from two ex-husbands to include a number of former clients of Birgfeld in her escort business.  By October 2007 a suspect had been named, but Birgfeld still was missing. Denver Post- (Suspect named in missing mom case).  In spite of extensive general and targeted searches over many months, no body was found in or around Grand Junction.  That changed in early 2012, when a hiker stumbled upon a human skeleton in a dry creek bed near Delta. The Denver Post continued the story (Read more: Remains of missing Mesa County mother Paige Birgfeld found in Delta County)
A hiker found skeletal remains of a woman at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday off U.S. Highway 50 in the Wells Gulch area in Delta County, about 30 miles southeast of Grand Junction and about 15 miles west of Delta.

To date, a final cause of death has not been determined and there has not been an arrest, but we who search for answers regarding Jack Gordon have learned a couple of important lessons from Paige Birgfeld's case. 
  1. Patience, persistence and time can be rewarded. 
  2. The desert will often cough up its secrets.

Rest in Peace
Paige Birgfeld
(April 27, 1973 - June 2007)

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