Monday, August 6, 2012


Allow me to introduce the lead agency in the investigation of Jack Gordon's disappearance, the Costilla County Sheriff's office.

Oops- that link is for the previous sheriff.  Sheriff Martinez and Sgt. James Chavez were the primary investigators until Gilbert Martinez was defeated in the Democratic Party primary in August 2010 by Undersheriff Amos Medina.  Medina ran unopposed in the general election that year and took over the Sheriff's office shortly thereafter.  Here is the link to the current administration.  

Gilbert still works part time for the Sheriff, but is no longer actively involved in the investigation.
James Chavez was released from employment with the Sheriff when Amos took over, under something of a cloud.  As the Valley Courier reported on August 14, 2010:

Once in office Medina plans to terminate Chavez saying “he’s too much of a liability, there are lawsuits pending right now and they will probably win because there is video tape, and there was a previous law suit against Chavez from when he worked in Alamosa.”

The entire department was in turmoil during 2009 and 2010, as reported by Julia Wilson in the Valley Courier on February 9, 2010:

According to Amos Medina, one of the fired deputies, problems came to a head in the sheriff’s office on Feb. 1 when four deputies presented Martinez with a letter protesting the firing of deputy Jacob Vigil. In the letter they asked Martinez to reinstate Vigil and to get rid of Sgt. James Chavez. The other two deputies involved were Steve Lowrance and Andy Espinoza.

According to information provided to us by the current Sheriff, somehow during the transition to the new Sheriff the investigative file on the Jack Gordon case was "misplaced".  The current investigative officer is Sgt. Andrew Espinoza.  The original responding officer when Jack was reported missing was Jacob Vigil.

Oddly enough, having spoken with the various officers, I found James Chavez to be the most serious about trying to apprehend a suspect in this case.  Hopefully the current investigator will be able to pick up the traces and make some headway.

This report  in the Valley Courier from April 4, 2012 ("Costilla County fugitive still at large") is the only other recent news article I have found about the workings of the Costilla County Sheriff's office. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Anybody with information regarding the disappearance of Jack Gordon is encouraged to call the Sheriff's office at (719) 672-0673.


  1. The one and only County that misplaces files to their convenience! Consider yourself lucky, at least they wrote up the report!!

  2. I had the misfortune of staying in Costilla county (Ft Garland) for a few months and I learned they are probably one of the most blatantly criminal Sheriffs department in the country. The corruption is deeply embedded at the county level and in all departments. A grand Jury would have a field day.