Wednesday, August 1, 2012


     To wrap up our week reviewing the neighbor's blog, I'd like to offer a sampling of commentary from the blog during the two months preceding Jack Gordon's disappearance.  This might give some useful insight into the neighborhood and the people who lived near Jack in the late summer of 2008.  Here are John Busby's thoughts on various topics, as expressed in his depublished blog, "Alpine Acres".  [emphasis added]

  Drivers along Luke Road-
     "The speeders I most generally handle by talking with them the first time and then, if there is a second time, it becomes personal and we have an understanding."- July 22, 2008

The neighbors-
     "I have a couple of neighbors out here who insist that since they’ve lived out here for quite a while, that they must be entitled to walk across anyone’s property and look around if they want to."- July 31, 2008
The neighbors-
     "So I got upset when I heard them last night at 10:30PM walking around and just talking. If they weren’t on my property, I wouldn’t have given it another thought but that particular time, it just so happened to be their 3rd time within 2 days. I have had enough of that crap!"- July 31, 2008
A specific neighbor-
     "I was upset over her Email for 3 main reasons. The first reason was because, in my opinion, “She” didn’t have “her” facts straight and secondly, because of her use of the word “Courage”. As if I would not confront someone if I had a problem. Those who know me know that I am a confrontational person by nature and actually confronted the two men I was actually referring to in the first place. I have been so upset by her email, that there is no way she’d want me to confront her or her husband at this time!"- July 31, 2008

A specific neighbor-
     "I have never gone out looking for trouble but the day will never come that I run from it either."- July 31, 2008
  Home defense-
     "Now that's a GREAT Idea [name redacted]! Bear traps with no bait! I just wouldn't want to inadvertently harm an animal and honestly, my dog isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer so I had better stick to throwing lead."- August 1, 2008

The neighborhood in general-
     "It makes me thankful I do not live where people are busy-bodies who try controlling one’s every move!"- August 24, 2008
  Specific neighbors-
     "I won’t mention everything I learned today but I will say this... Sometimes, it’s best NOT to know so much about people! I have some very amazing friends but there are some people out here that are simply a waste of skin. Hindsight is nice but the foresight is a pain sometimes."- September 25, 2008

Specific neighbors-
     "It amazes me how some people go through life and do not actually live life. They get so caught up in petty things for a moment of self satisfaction that in the end, they resemble what I see daily in the corral. Those who I’m referring to do not have the internet and never been online, that I know of, because their lifestyle wouldn’t allow it."- September 25, 2008
  Specific neighbors-
     "I ended up taking today off because I woke up not feeling too well at 4AM this morning. I went to town and had breakfast and then returned to the quiet and peaceful homestead I have. I woke up around 3PM for the second time and noticed my neighbors parked in my driveway.
     After meeting them halfway down my driveway, I learned they only needed water because their pump died. So I reminded them they are NEVER to cross my “No Trespassing” sign. Then they had the audacity to ask me for my password to access my internet since they do come through the woods and use my internet. (They could not have known I had a password had they not been trespassing in the first place!) I was speechless!
     Finally, when the blood flowed back to my vital organs and my thought process returned to me, I told them that I installed the password protection because I did not want anyone using my internet without being invited. The nerve of some people! I’m going to be adding the solar powered gate just as soon as possible and I guess lining my property line between them and myself with barbed wire and more “No Trespassing” signs. I’m wondering about a nice electric fence with automatic laser guided RPG’s, Zat guns from SG1 and popcorn for the show..."- September 28, 2008

 A mere four days later, on October 2, 2008, Jack Gordon and John Busby (aka John Robert Fureigh) disappeared. 

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