Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sung by Mick Moloney.

I am a man of great influence
And educated to a high degree

I came when small, from Donegal
And me cousin Jimmy came along with me
On the city road, I was situated
In a lodging house with me brother Dan
‘Til by perseverance I elevated
And I went to the front, like a solid man.

So come with me and I’ll treat you decent
I will set you down and I will fill your can
And along the street, all the friends I meet
Say, “There goes Muldoon, he’s a solid man”

At any party or at a raffle
I always go with an invited guest
And conspicuous as the Great Lord Mayor boys
I wear a nosegay upon my chest
And when called upon for to address the meeting
With no regard for clique or clan
I read the Constitution with great elocution
Because you see I am a solid man


I control the tunes, I control the island
My constituents they all go there
To enjoy their summer’s recreation
And take the enchanting East River air
I am known in Harlem, I’m known in Jersey
I am welcomed hearty at every hand
And come what may, on St. Patrick’s Day
I march away like a solid man.

Here's mud in your eye Jack!!

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