Monday, August 13, 2012


So, let's have a brief recap of the mysterious case of Jack Gordon's disappearance. To restate the basic known facts:
          1. Elderly gentleman disappears without a trace from a remote rural property in Southern Colorado in October 2008.
          2. Mr. Gordon is reported missing by his wife, and subsequent search turns up no physical evidence on his property or the surrounding countryside.
          3. In the years since then there has been no subsequent trace of activity on any of his financial accounts or any other indication that he is alive.
          4. A second person disappears on the same day from his residence on the same remote road.
          5. The second man is NOT reported missing by his relatives, who tell authorities he "left the state".
          6. The second man is found to be a felony sex offender who absconded and failed to register as a sex offender when he moved to the San Luis Valley from El Paso County, in violation of the terms of his previous probation. He is living under an assumed name at the time.
          7. The neighbor kept a blog that contained implied and explicit threats of physical violence against his neighbors.
          8. The neighbor's blog ceased active posting on the same day the two men disappeared.

Some conclusions can be drawn:
          1. Jack Gordon is dead
          2. John Fureigh left his self-built home on Luke Road in rural Costilla County suddenly
Applying logical analysis to this set of facts there are three possible scenarios.

SCENARIO ONE: Jack Gordon was killed by person or persons unknown, and the same person either threatened or scared off the sex-offender neighbor to the point that he left the area permanently.  (i.e. the two disappearances are related and due to a third party perpretrator)

SCENARIO TWO: Jack Gordon was killed either accidentally or purposefully by the sex-offender neighbor who then hid or disposed of the body cleverly and then voluntarily left the area to avoid apprehension and prosecution.

SCENARIO THREE: Jack Gordon was killed by person or persons unknown who hid or disposed of the body.  The sex-offender neigbor left the area on the same day and quit making entries on his blog on the exact same day for purely coincidental reasons unrelated to the disappearance of Jack Gordon.

If I have erred in my analysis, please feel free to post a comment. 

(PERSONAL INVITATION: If you are the neighbor John Fureigh I would be interested to hear your account of the events of October 2, 2008.  You may be the only one who can show me where I may have gone wrong in my analysis.)


  1. Interesting story! If you are convinced that Mr. Gordon is dead, given those senarios, I think it is a stretch to think the two are not related. The likely guess would be that the neighbor had something to do with it. Do you think he had some kind of motive?

  2. We don't know of a specific motive directed at Jack, but we do think that Jack had intended to talk with John Busby (Fureigh) that week. Judging by the posts on Busby's blog, it could be envisioned that Jack stopped in unannounced and caught Busby in one of his "angry" moods, perhaps leading to an escalating confrontation, following which it would have been a simple matter for Busby to drive Jack's van over to Jack's house to dump it and return to his place on foot to tidy up the scene. (refer to "John Busby's blog" posts and the Denver Post article post). This is a hypothetical scenario of course. Being as how Busby is the only potential witness to what happened that day we will have to await his version of events.