Sunday, September 2, 2012


for your television viewing pleasure
This Week Only
(Limited DNC Edition)

Yes folks! It's the age-old Blame Game...exciting new home version.
Special edition prepared for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
Fun for all ages!!


     1. Each player receives a game card with a 5 X 5 grid
     2. Each square contains a name or description of a villain
     3. Players watch the Democratic National Convention
     4. Listen for speakers to blame somebody else for the awful state of the country
     5. If your card contains a square with that villain, mark off the square
             (You can use small coins as markers if you have any left)
     6. If you get five in a row either across, down or diagonally, shout out "Bingo!"
     7. If you get five in a row during a single speaker, shout "Yahtzee!!"
     8. If you get five in a row during a single sentence, shout "Triple Bingo Yahtzee!!!"
     9. YOU WIN!!
    10. All other players have to drink a shot of their current beverage
    11. Then clear off the cards, shuffle, and play again!
(UPDATE: The center "Bush" square if a free square, since that is a given)

Here is a sample blank game card, cut and paste, print and make up your own categories groups or even specific right-wing villains!

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  1. Other suggestions:
    -Conservative talk radio hosts
    -Hurricane Katrina
    -Ronald Reagan
    -Warren G. Harding
    -Plantation owners
    -One percenters
    -Fox News
    -John Boehner
    -Man-made global warming deniers
    -Incandescent light bulbs
    -Violent rhetoric
    -Attention deficit disorder
    -Not enough attention from mommy & daddy
    -Too much attention from mommy & daddy
    -Sarah Palin
    -Dick Cheney
    -Martin Van Buren