Saturday, September 22, 2012


   As we last reported, the Costilla County Sheriff's office was hot on the trail of a 5'6" 119 fugitive, Robel Turcios-Rodriguez, but had not yet re-captured him.  At that size, he probably 'slipped through the cracks!'  Now we hear that the man was spotted in neighboring Huerfano County, to the east of Costilla County.  Here's the report from the Valley Courier today ("Escapee Evades Valley").
"The search in Huerfano County for a jail escapee from Costilla County was scaled back Thursday after law enforcement officers couldn’t find the suspect."
   Nice!! I guess that's why I won't be at work today, I "scaled back" the search for my car keys after I couldn't find them.It gets even better. The Huerfano County sheriff also had this to say:
“There’s really no organized search right now until we get a good location on him.”
   Or to phrase it differently, we're not going to look for him until we locate him!!  Fortunately: 
“We do not believe he is confrontational. It appears he’s doing all he can to remain hidden. He wants to get away.”
   And doing a mighty fine job of it, by the looks of things. Hmmm...I guess the take-home message is this.  If you are going to live in or travel through Costilla or Huerfano counties, don't plan on being a crime victim. Or perhaps I should say, take measures to not be a crime victim.  If you believe in the old notion that "crime doesn't pay", just consider how little it pays to be a crime victim in Costilla County. I think John Robert Fureigh can rest a little easier.

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