Thursday, September 6, 2012


Via Drudge today, this report out of Newberry Springs, CA, via, a Los Angeles area news affiliate:

Dog Brings Home Human Foot In Newberry Springs, Prompting Search For Remains

Apparently, the dog, named "Lucky", brought home a human foot. The search revealed more "remains" along the I-40 corridor.  Details in the article are sketchy.  Was it multiple parts of the same body? Or was it multiple parts of different bodies?

If Jack Gordon's body is ever discovered, it will probably be by pure happenstance rather than the astute investigative skills of the Costilla County Sheriff's office.  A random incident such as a hunter stumbling upon skeletal remains, a wild animal unearthing a bony remnant, a skeleton in a crawlspace found by firefighters in the aftermath of a house fire or perhaps a dog named "Lucky" bringing something home to his owner.  Could we be so lucky?!?


  1. Of course there is the remote possibility that he will be found somewhere sipping cocktails and enjoying the sun.

    1. Bullshit dean-0! That's the kind of stupid attitude the sheriff's department has taken for the last 4 years. They just couldn't be bothered to do their damn jobs, and still can't. There is somebody getting away with murder in Costilla County Colorado and the so-called authorities aren't willing to do a damn thing about it.