Saturday, September 8, 2012


   Nestled against the base of Mount Blanca, tiny Fort Garland, Colorado sits at the intersection of US Highway 160 and Colorado State Highway 159.  Highway 160 is the main east-west route traversing the southern edge of Colorado from Springfield in the extreme southeast corner of the state through the San Luis Valley and across famous Wolf Creek Pass to Cortez in the far southwest.  Highway 159 heads south from Fort Garland to the Colorado-New Mexico border on the way to Taos.

  Although small, Fort Garland offers everything a wayfarer could possibly want. You can start your visit at the Visitor's Information Center.  Ask the attendants if they know about Jack Gordon and John Busby, some of the locals love to talk about Jack's disappearance.

   Gas, food, hardware and lodging are available. The 1st Stop and a Texaco station offer fuel ($3.69 a gallon for regular as of Labor Day weekend 2012).

   The Old Fort Market is a small, but surprisingly well supplied grocery store. The locals all shop for their hardware needs at the Post Comissary, an old-fashioned general store owned and operated by Matt and Bill Martinez.

   Del's Diner, The Old West Cafe and the Silver Sage Steakhouse offer home-style meals in a friendly setting.

  The Lodge motel and the Fort Garland Motel offer overnight lodging. For entertainment you can tour the original Fort Garland, once commanded by the legendary Kit Carson.  Or for the kids, there is an old west show at the White Mountain Trading Post, complete with horses and a bison.
  Fort Garland is the main service community for folks living in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches or the Forbes subdivisions (Trinchera Ranches, Forbes Park and Forbes Wagon Creek). Give it a look-see if you are in the area.  It may not be much of a destination, but it is a nice spot for a little stopover or a rest break on your way to or from other places such as the Great Sand Dunes or Taos, NM.
  This is where Jack Gordon was living while working on the construction of his home in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches, up until his disappearance on October 2, 2008. 


  1. One should beware of a town that has no First and Second Streets but has a Third Street and on up to Eighth St.

  2. Has Jack Gordon ever been located??

    1. Anon-

      Thanks for asking. Jack Gordon remains missing. There has been absolutely no indication that he is alive. All of the circumstantial evidence points toward him having been murdered. We expect that eventually his remains will be uncovered. If you know of any information that could help, please contact us by e-mail at