Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Search and Rescue Team

     Based on the initial presumption that Jack Gordon had suffered some type of medical event, our first efforts focused on the immediate vicinity of the house on Luke Road, in rural Costilla County on the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley.
     Within about 36 hours of the time Jack was last seen, leaving his apartment in Fort Garland to drive out to the homesite on Luke Road, Costilla County Search and Rescue was on the scene. On Friday October 3, 2008 a general area quadrant search was undertaken by several team members on ATV's and on horseback, covering about a one mile circular perimeter centered on Jack's homesite. The searchers focused on roadways and trails, not much off road searching was done. No trace of Jack was found.
     On Sunday, October 5, 2008 a close interval line search was carried out by about 30-40 volunteers under the direction of the SAR team covering a radius of about 1/3 mile without results.
     On Monday, October 6, 2008 an air tracker dog team was brought in and performed a search for about a 1/4 mile perimeter. No trace of Jack was found away from the house.  Individual searches were also carried out on two other five acre properties that Jack owned in the area, with no trace.
     These satellite views from Google Earth mapping services show the general area of the events. For a wider perspective, check here.
     On this map, the dark red square is an approximation of Jack's five-acre property, the pink inner circle is the area covered by the close interval search, and the lighter outer circle is the approximate perimeter covered by the general area search (one mile radius from Jack's place).

     The second pushpin is the house of Jack's neighbor John, who was mentioned in the original police report. That house is just over 1/2 mile from Jack's house. Oddly enough, the neighbor John has not been seen in the Fort Garland area since the day Jack disappeared.  His mother told the Sheriff that he moved out of the state. We don't know if the Sheriff ever contacted him.  We don't know if he knows anything about that day.

RE-POSTED 11/21/2012


  1. The map makes it possible to see how rugged the country is. It must have been tough to do the searching.

    1. @Dean0
      The terrain is not very steep in this area, but the ground is very uneven and thickly covered with sagebrush, making walking very difficult. That is one reason that a 77-year-old man would not likely wander off through the countryside. If Jack wandered off it would have been along one of the roads. The searchers by necessity had to move at a slow pace, to pick their way through the sage.

  2. Assuming then that he would have stuck to a road, why? Easier footwork and roads lead somewhere. So them where was he going and again why. What did he happen upon whilst on his walk? More questions still no answers.

  3. Sup with that EARTHNESTINSTITUTE?

    1. I never heard of them before I pulled up that map the other day. It looks like some greenie touchy-feely outfit that I think moved into the home of one of Jack's former neighbors. They were not around at the time of his disappearance, can't say much about them other than what you can find on their website:
      maybe it's a cult compound <:)