Saturday, December 22, 2012


     In the wake of the horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last week there has been a wave of emotion-based cries for a national "discussion".  Many have called for stricter gun control laws.  Fortunately, there are rational voices making a compelling case for a more fact-based, reality-centered, practical approach.

     I highly recommend this essay by Larry Correia, a former gun-store owner and concealed carry instructor.


    The article is rather long, but addresses all of the various arguments in favor of gun control one-by-one.  Here are some key excerpts:

The single best way to respond to a mass shooter is with an immediate, violent response. The vast majority of the time, as soon as a mass shooter meets serious resistance, it bursts their fantasy world bubble. Then they kill themselves or surrender. This has happened over and over again.
Permit holders are not cops. The mistake many people make is that they think permit holders are supposed to be cops or junior danger rangers. Not at all. Their only responsibility is simple. If someone is threatening to cause them or a third person serious bodily harm, and that someone has the ability, opportunity, and is acting in a manner which suggest they are a legitimate threat, then that permit holder is allowed to use lethal force against them.
Clint Smith once said if you look like food, you will be eaten. Criminals are looking for prey. They are looking for easy victims. If they wanted to work hard for a living they’d get a job. So when you pull a gun, you are no longer prey, you are work, so they are going to go find somebody else to pick on.

     I've speculated before about what might have been different on October 2, 2008, the day that Jack Gordon went missing, if he had been armed.  The 78-year-old Gordon was undoubtedly an "easy victim" that day, though I like to think he put up some type of resistance.  I suspect that one day the criminal who killed Jack Gordon will run into a "victim" who is not so "easy".  As Wayne LaPierre of the NRA said in his press conference yesterday,

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Country singer Randy Travis had some thoughts regarding the Jack Gordon case in this hit song:

I'm diggin' up bones!
I'm diggin' up bones!
Exhuming things that's better left alone!