Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     Here's a little heads up for those of you who have buried corpses on your property.  Bones don't decompose like soft tissues do.  And those pesky bones have a way of popping up when you least expect.  You will be found out. 

From the NBC News- Home's new owners find human skull bones during landscaping work:

A human skull and bones were found Sunday afternoon by residents who bought the home less than a year ago and who were doing landscaping work in the backyard, police said.

The Orange County Coroner's Office confirmed the remains were human and an anthropologist was being called in to further examine them, said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for the Santa Ana Police Department.

 And from the Daily Mail Online:

The current owners of the house live next door and bought the second property when the former owner, identified as Larry T. Dominguez, was forced to sell the house due to lapsed insurance payments after the house burned down in 2006 during an electrical fire.

He had lived there for over 20 years and was described by neighbours variously as 'friendly', 'strange' and as a recluse.
 Does this sound like anyone we know?  Well, except for the 'friendly' part. 

 So, sleep well tonight (while you can) because maybe tomorrow those restless bones will come to light. 

UPDATE (1/30/2013)-

   More information is coming to light.  Police believe the remains are those of Mr. Dominguez' father who may have been dead since 2005.  But the son apparently decided to continue cashing the father's Social Security checks- to the tune of $100,000.
ABC Channel 7 News Los Angeles reports:

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna with the Santa Ana Police Department said detectives believe the remains are that of Dominguez's 83-year-old father, Wallace Benjamin Dominguez.

Police said they suspected Dominguez of murder because of statements he made to detectives while being interviewed. But on Tuesday, the Orange County District Attorney's Office filed a grand theft charge against Dominguez. Authorities said it appears the suspect has been collecting his father's Social Security benefit checks in excess of $100,000.

Cause of death is yet to be determined

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