Friday, June 21, 2013


UPDATE:   Here are some photos from this afternoon from our place.  This is the smoke from the West Fork fire near Pagosa Springs, about 60 miles west of us.  The smoke started building in around 4:30 to 5:00.  That red dot in the first picture is the sun, which was completely blocked out within a few minutes.


This has been a month of large fires in Colorado.  Closest to us here in Costilla County is the East Spanish Peak fire, which broke out within the last couple of days and has rapidly expanded to more than 9,000 acres, according to latest from the Colorado Office of Emergency Management.

Report as of 2:24 pm June 21:

The East Peak Fire continues to grow in size with zero % containment. The fire broke out Wednesday, June 19, at 5:10p.m. The fire located near LaVeta, Colorado, in Huerfano County is now at 9,100 acres. Winds are expected out of the SW at 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Hot, dry and windy conditions will likely create critical fire weather. The smoke plume is expected to rise considerably by midday.

The Spanish Peaks, also known as the Twin Sisters, are a pair of peaks nearly 14,000 feet above sea level with a uniquely symmetric appearance.  The two jutting prominences (which are set apart somewhat from the nearby Sangre de Cristo range and thrown into more stark relief as a result) are said to by some to resemble a pair of woman's breasts.

On Wednesday, during the early stages of the East Peak fire it approached a Boy Scout camp.  The scouts were given short notice to pack up and get out, and all were evacuated safely.  The fire later engulfed and destroyed the camp.

From the Denver Post, June 20:

A wildfire burning in southern Colorado has forced widespread evacuations, including 178 Boy Scouts who were camping in the mountains of the Spanish Peaks.

The Colorado Office of Emergency Management reports:

The fire has destroyed nine structures and four outbuildings on Boy Scout Ranch near Walsenburg, CO and it is threatening the Spanish Peak Hospital and dozens of commercial structures to include infrastructure, utilities, equipment and watersheds in the area

We drove across La Veta Pass and got these photos of the fire engulfing the entire northeastern slopes of East Spanish Peak late yesterday evening (Thursday June 20). 

The Spanish Peaks or Twin Sisters, as viewed from Old La Veta Pass looking southeast. 
East Spanish Peak viewed from scenic overlook just outside of the town of LaVeta, looking southeast.

More wildfire resources can be found at this site with interactive maps, satellite images and brief summarys arranged by incident:

Prayers for safety of all in the path of these dangerous fires.


  1. Not on point, but I wonder if they will ever release the "cause of death" of the little Redwine boy. Seems like a few dozen possibilities. I find it odd that the mother living on the Kansas side of Colorado was able to determine he was missing and report it before the father.

    Just wonderin'

    1. I am planning to do an update once there is a little more information. My guess is that he ran away of his own will from the dad's place and ended up dying of exposure, but I think more distasteful possibilities are still worthy of consideration. Very sad story.