Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As an update to a post from a couple of days ago.  FBI agents initially widened their search of a suburban Detroit field based on a tip from an elderly gangster according to Reuters.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters on Tuesday the search of the 40- to 50-square-yard (33- to 40-square meter) area would continue at least another 48 hours. He said police and FBI officials remain optimistic but that nothing had been sent for lab analysis so far. The FBI brought in forensic anthropologists from Michigan State University and a cadaver-sniffing dog from Michigan state police to help search a half-acre (0.20 hectare) of the site.

But today brings this news from NBC News Los Angeles (warning- video autoplay):

Federal authorities have ended their search of a suburban Detroit field for Jimmy Hoffa's body after several days of digging turned up no remains, officials said.  Special Agent in Charge Bob Foley said Wednesday that a "diligent" search yielded no additional evidence in the decades-old mystery, and that the operation would be shut down. 

Well, I guess Mr. Hoffa's case goes back on the backlog of curious disappearances, status- unsolved.

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