Tuesday, July 2, 2013


     The Durango Herald has reported (June 27) that searchers have located skeletal remains and personal effects of young Dylan Redwine along Middle Mountain Road, north of Vallecito Reservoir near Durango, CO.  Dylan's case was profiled on this site previously (Part 1 and Part 2).  

Dylan Redwine's remains found- Durango Herald

Middle Mountain is north of Vallecito Reservoir. The search area ranges from 8,000 to 11,000 feet in elevation and consists of deep canyons and dense forest. Searchers found “articles” they thought might be linked to the case Sunday. At first they were uncertain if they found human or animal remains, Bender said. They spent four more days combing the area to be sure they retrieved all possible pieces of evidence.

Public announcement of a cause of death has not yet been made, pending results of a forensic examination. 

     Dylan had flown from Colorado Springs to the Durango area for a holiday visit at Thanksgiving time 2012.  The next morning he left his father's house, ostensibly to meet up with some local friends.  He did not return to the house and was reported missing later that day.  Dylan's parents had been divorced the previous year and his mother had relocated from the Four Corners region to the Front Range. 

     There have been accusations and counter-accusations about possible parental involvement in the disappearance.  It does seem possible to me that Dylan, a young teenager who was reportedly resentful of being at his father's house (as indicated by a text message he sent his mother the evening he arrived in Durango), deliberately ran away.  He could have hiked up Middle Mountain Road and fallen victim to environmental exposure.  Autopsy results will be crucial in differentiating this possible theory from a theory of possible murder.  It may be that the hardest part of this case for the family still lies ahead, as more revelations are made.

Rest In Peace


     On a general note, as we see time and time again, it is remarkable how well human bones are preserved after a body has been exposed to the elements, even for many years (here, here, here and here).  It gives me hope that Jack Gordon's remains will one day be found.


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