Sunday, July 28, 2013


In December 2005, 22-year-old Mary Comiskey, mother of two young children, disappeared suddenly in the vicinity of the small town of Parachute, Colorado.

In July 2013, human remains were found by hikers, along the Colorado River along County Road 309, a few miles east of Parachute. Details are a little sketchy, but CR 309 parallels the Colorado River between Parachute and Rulison.  It is not reported whether the remains were closer to the road or closer to the river. DNA testing on the remains confirms that they are the remains of Mary Comiskey.  Her remains were found less than a mile-and-a-half from where she was last seen and just a couple of hundred yards from where Mary's jacket was found back in 2008.

Remains of Mary Comiskey, missing since 2005, found- Denver Post 7/18/13
Human Remains Discovered Along Colorado River ID’d As Woman Who Disappeared In 2005- CBS4, Denver 7/18/13

Kirk Mitchell of the Denver Post's Cold Case Blog profiled the case back in February 2010.

"Shortly after Mary Comiskey, then 22, was seen sitting in a white minivan outside a ranch house in rural Garfield County several miles from Parachute on Dec. 17, 2005, she vanished."

"Her half sister Michelle Loudy, 38, who was last seen with her, said she may have fallen down a ravine in a snowstorm and been carried away by wild animals or gotten in a car with someone and taken off for a new life."

According to the Denver Post 2010 report, Mary Comiskey had become involved with a group of friends who were admittedly heavy methamphetamine users.  This group included her half-sister and Mary's boyfriend at the time, a transient former oil rig worker from Louisiana named Bill Sonnier, who was some 20 years older than Mary.

Mary's jacket was found a few days after she disappeared, in an apple orchard not far from where she was last seen by her half-sister. Now, eight years later, her remains have been found within a few hundred yards of where the jacket was found.

Cause of death has not been publicly released.  I think it is safe to speculate that contrary to the statement of Michelle Loudy, Mary did not "take off for a new life".  Instead, she met an untimely death. Prayers are sent out today on behalf of Mary Comiskey's two young children.

Rest in Peace
Mary Comiskey
d. ~12/17/2005


Time eats away at the shallow dirt graves in which murderers try to hide the physical evidence of their crimes.   Time also eats away at the shallow dirty souls in which they try to hide the guilty knowledge of their evil actions.  Either way, the truth eventually comes to light. To the murderer of Mary Comiskey, as well as to the murderer of Jack Gordon, I say "tick-tock, tick-tock..."


  1. Seems more than a bit weird that her remains would be found so close to where her jacket was located so long ago...One of two possibilities snap into my mind. One, the remains were moved from their original location sometime after the searching was completed (most likely) and Two, (without knowing the condition of the remains) could she have taken off for a new life, and returned to her death not so long ago?

  2. Actually Dean0, I think it more likely that the body was there the whole time and however it was hidden (shallow grave?), was overlooked with the initial search. There had been snowfall that week. There weren't many published details of the search, so I don't know if any dogs were used. Time and weather then led to the exposure of the remains. That's my take anyway.

  3. Here's a clue, the Garfield County Sheriff's name is Andy and his deputy is Barney.