Thursday, January 28, 2016


Thanks to commenter dean0 for giving me a heads up about a big break in the case of Mike Rust, missing from the northern part of the San Luis Valley since March 2009. 
Kirk Mitchell of the Denver Post reports online here on January 14, 2016, that Saguache County Sheriff's office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation are looking into a set of human skeletal remains found about five miles east of Mike Rust's home near Saguache. 
"The discovery of a bicycle-sprocket belt buckle amidst human bones told family members of a mountain biking pioneer all they needed to know.
"We believe the remains of our brother have been found.  The belt buckle was very unique.  I've never seen another one like it," said Fountain Hills resident Karl Rust of bones he believes are those of his brother Michael Damian Rust."
This blog reviewed the early details of the Rust disappearance in July 2012 in a post entitled "Yet Another Missing Person in the San Luis Valley"
Mr. Rust went missing after apparently finding evidence of a fresh break-in at his home and phoning a friend that he was taking off after the culprits.  A vest with blood was found along with the broken handle of a hand gun Mike had obtained as a memento of his brother following his brother's death. The motorcycle Rust was believed to have been riding was later found about 20 miles east of his home, pushed off a cliff into a remote ravine.  Blood was found on the vest and also on the foot peg of the motorcycle.
Now, almost seven years later skeletal remains have been found in the sparsely populated area between U.S. Highway 285 and Colorado Highway 17 in the northern part of the San Luis Valley. A unique belt buckle identified by his brother as belonging to Mike was found along with the remains.  Confirmation of identity is pending, but all signs point to this being Mike's remains. 
We would like to offer our best wishes to the surviving friends and family of Mike Rust and hope that this new discovery leads to information that will answer the question of what happened to him seven years ago. 
Meanwhile, the curious disappearance of Jack Gordon remains unsolved with no new information.  Jack disappeared from his off-grid home near Fort Garland in October 2008, about six months before Mike disappeared.  Perhaps one day someone will stumble upon his remains and we will get our own answers.
R.I.P Michael Damian Rust

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