Saturday, February 8, 2014


The official investigation into the disappearance of Jack Gordon never really gained any traction.  In ways, it always has reminded me of the original Winnie the Pooh book, chapter 3 In which  Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a Woozle.  You can read the whole chapter here.

If you have never read the story, it concerns Winnie the Pooh and his small friend Piglet.  Piglet has become concerned about a trail of footprints near his house.  As he follows the footprints he doesn't realize that he is walking around in a circle.  He then becomes alarmed because all of a sudden there are two sets of footprints, so there must be two Woozles, not just one.  Pooh then joins the investigation with predictable results:

"Pooh says that it might be a Woozle, or it might not, and Piglet joins in with the tracking and walking in circles to see if they can find out for sure. And after a little while Pooh stops walking, and says that it's very funny, but there are now two sets of paw-prints, which means...well, what does that mean?"

Now you might ask why I am reminded of this story.  Perhaps it is this excerpt from the original police incident report of Jack Gordon's disappearance, as written by Deputy Jacob Vigil of the Costilla County Sheriff's office:

"I searched the residence, as well as a camping trailer that was parked next to the home. The house and camping trailer were empty. While looking around the house I noticed a single set of footprints that went to the back of the house and around the other side and onto the road where I lost track. I was unable to notice any tire tracks as there were several vehicles traveling on the road."

And so it goes.