Saturday, January 3, 2015


On December 31, 2014 the Del Norte Prospector reported that the jury in the murder trial of Daniel Bessey has returned a verdict of guilty. Bessey faces as much as 232 years prison sentence.

It remains to be answered whether Bessey may have been involved in the brutal murder of Brenda Kay Shepard in Saguache in September 2008.  There has been speculation to that effect, but no charges were ever filed by Saguache County authorities.   

Another odd coincidence is the short time period between the murder of Shepard in late September 2008 and the disappearance/murder of Jack Gordon on October 2, 2008.  Is it possible that a man on the run for one crime inadvertently came into contact with Jack Gordon and panicked?   While we do not know of any connection between the two victims, perhaps there was a connection between the two suspects.  Did Daniel Bessey know John Busby (aka John Robert Fureigh)?  We just don't know.  These are avenues of investigation for the authorities to continue to probe.  

  As always anyone with knowledge regarding the murder of Brenda Kay Shepard or the disappearance/murder of Jack Gordon is encouraged to contact either the Saguache County Sheriff or Costilla County Sheriff.  Or leave a message for the blog administrator of this blog.

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